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by alphamonkey on August 24, 2006 · 1 comment

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Who doesn’t enjoy a little out of context humor?  Obviously the creators of the Used FAQs site do, as the blog exists merely to crawl and post random snippets from various online Frequently Asked Questions lists.

I liked this snippet from

Can I bring my favorite sword or knife?

Every convention is different when it comes to a weapons policy – some allow them when worn as part of a costume (though they usually have to be “peace bonded” meaning they are secured to the scabbord and cannot be quickly drawn or dropped in accident. Some conventions have a strict weapons policy – check with the convention staff or web site before taking it with you.

[via BoingBoing]

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  • elkciN

    What is a fursuit?

    ‘Fursuit’ is another name for an animal costume, generally referring to one intended to be as realistic as the maker can achieve, although ‘mascot’-style costumes are often included, and some furries have/wear/make both. Some furries like a more ‘toonish’ type of fursuit. Not a mascot, but something that is as close to some of their favourite toon fantasies as possible. It’s rather like trying for realism where the desired goal is an already anthropomorphic character. By putting on a fursuit, you _become_ a furry, as close as you’ll get without surgery, anyhow. But BE WARNED; not everyone in an animal costume is a furry! Many furries feel that donning a fursuit helps them move closer to their ‘true’ furry form, and it’s not at all unusual for furries to spend a lot of time in their suits, including sleeping in them. It has been reported by some furries that making love in a fursuit can be… very furry indeed!

    erggh…I think I just lost my will to live. That or I need to have furry sex right away. Maybe both. Necrofurrilia…tasty.

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