September 2006

And we’ll close out the broadcast day with yet another musical homage, but this time it’s Gnarls Barkley taking on The Violent Femmes’ ‘Gone Daddy Gone’ in yet another imaginative video.


The other day I posted a clip of Merle Haggard covering ‘San Antonio Rose’ with the Texas Playboys, and today I’d like to spend a little more time with the incomparable Bob Wills

Last weekend my father and step-mom attended the Kennedy Center performance of ’A Ride With Bob‘, a musical retelling of the life and career of Bob Wills featuring Asleep at the Wheel.  Upon hearing about the show, I turned green with envy.  Green, I say!  With my luck, the show will never make it’s way anywhere near my locale, so I’m seriously hoping someone (PBS?) gets around to broadcasting a performance forthwith.  But anyway…

Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys remain one of my favorite musical groups of all time, as their blend of swing, jazz, country, and rhythm embodies what I love most about music, both as a performer and a listener.  So take some time and dig on this playlist of Bob Wills clips I put together for you, my faithful internet pals.

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Really, what more needs to be said?  Sheer 100% NSFW Genius. 


Behold the power of Rap Cat

Oh man, that’s gonna be in my head all day now. 


OMG.  I’m so sorry, folks.  I didn’t know about this back when I was doing the Jackson post fest.  This might be the greatest Indian dance routine of all time, and it’s all the sweeter for being 1000% stolen. 


I have to say, this is one of the more clever ads I’ve seen in awhile, so it’s no surprise that it’s in the service of Volkswagen.  And hey, the animation is pretty slick as well. 

Speaking of Volkswagen ads I like, I’m reminded of why Arrested Development was such a kick ass show: the little jokes.  No laugh track meant that the cast and crew could barrel through jokes at a mile a minute, but the writer’s cared enough about the audience to throw a number of very clever bits at those viewers paying close enough attention. Kind of like how the Simpsons did it back in the day, before the suckage set in.  There’s a point to this, I promise.  Here’s a little throwaway joke from one of the final season episodes of A.D.  And here’s why it made me fall off the couch in shock. 

Cool, huh?  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:  Fox makes the stupidest programming decisions ever. 

Oh yeah, and Volkswagen consistently makes kickass commercials. See, this is what happens when I miss a day and then try to cram in a gazillion posts to atone for it. 


If you lost your entire music collection, and had to start over from scratch, what would be the one album you would get first?

This happened to a friend of mine, and he bought a “Mahavishnu Orchestra” cut, which turned me on to them.

You’d be surprised how much you learn about music and people when you ask this question.

My answer is definitely Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue. This album features Bill Evans, Cannonball Adderly, John Coletrane among others at their best. Dig on ”So What?“ from 1959.


Why wait until the inevitable smear attacks of 2008 when you can enjoy the low-rent (and even more insane) versions today!  North Carolina’s Vernon Robinson might just be the most inventive campaigner of all time, if these ads are anything to judge by.  Oh, and for your a/v love, here’s one of Robinson’s tv ads.

And for the record, that image is indeed Vernon Robinson’s campaign slogan and image. 


Those beautiful minds over at Nitrome have created another winner with Tanked Up, which combines the skill and finesse of racing with the sheer power of shell lobbing tank action.  What’s not to love? 


As we slink out of September and mosey onward into October, I find myself once again getting psyched up for Halloween.  This year I intend to inflict some serious terror scars on the neighborhood kids with my new costume, ‘Zombie Bea Arthur’.  But anyway, get your ghoul on early with this high resolution romp through the Warren Magazine Collection, an online repository of (what else?) Warren comic and magazine covers.