6 Years in 5 Minutes

by alphamonkey on September 6, 2006 · 8 comments

in Short Film,Uncategorized

The ‘photo a day’ idea has been done before, but I’m not sure anyone has taken it as far as Noah, who took a single portrait of himself everyday for 6 years, which was subsequently compressed into this short film. 

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  • PesterTheJester

    Damn that’s hypnotising

  • http://www.ocremix.org/remixer/dhsu/ Dhsu

    This girl only did it for 3 years, but I found it much more aesthetically pleasing. rasberry

  • LeatherSleeves

    indeed…5 whole minutes is a bit much.

  • fantastic duck

    anyone know the song?

  • http://www.quietrebellion.com Poet

    Wow, there’s something mildly disturbing about him. Well, not disturbing so much as…intense. And is it just me, or does he look a bit like Feyd from the original Dune movie? I know, skin tone, eye, and hair color are off. But hair style, the set of the face, and the nose all kind of have it. Of course, I guess really that’s just saying that he looks like Sting. Maybe that’s what’s so offish about him. I’d be afraid he was going to come at me with a crysk-knife. Or serenade me.

  • Boss Robot

    He doesn’t looked like he aged much. maybe a loss of sleep

  • HeyLowPapi

    He’s cute!

  • why…

    This made me cry I am 12 and i learned a Fact of life watching this.
    When time goes… It never comes back…

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