Breathing Earth & One Million Ways to Die

by alphamonkey on September 19, 2006 · 3 comments

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The Breathing Earth simulator calculates and displays the total amount of C02 emission generated by each country, as well as (oddly enough) real time birth and death statistics.  A little gruesome?  Maybe, but it’s an interesting look at the world we live in, and it manages to make human the kind of number sets that are all to easy to dismiss.

Need some more statistical fun?  According to this Wired article, you’re far more likely to be killed by your malicious appendix than by al-Qaida.  Danger lurks within us! Quick, everyone! Get your scapels out!  We will not yield to our freedom hating appendixes!

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  • Your Good Twin

    That’s actually a really good metaphor for our fear-entrenched culture.

  • Boss Robot

    Is it just CO2 emitted by people and man made things or does it include animals too?

    Does exhaling really contribute a significant amount compared to pollution?

    Is this the net amount or does it exclude the amount taken in by plants and photoplankton? Or is that something else?

    I don’t know why I’m so critical about this. Not that I’m against it or anything

  • daemoneyes

    Um, wouldn’t it be “…our freedom hating appendices“?

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