by Sean Cooper on September 14, 2006 · 4 comments

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Program your comBOT (Robot) to beat all other comBOTs.

Now I must start with an apology. Put simply, this game is a little different, obscure, and difficult. Please prove me wrong, and really try to understand the concept.

I really enjoyed making this game however hindered by the complexity, but if you can learn the game it is a lot of fun.

The game revolves around programming. Any operating system is based on a response system called ‘events’, when something happens it does something. All you have to do in this game is apply this, when the comBOT hits a wall what would you like it to do, rotate, backup, start shooting, etc.

Anyway good luck and please post me your robots to see if I can beat them!

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  • elkciN

    I like the idea. I kinda tooled around for a few minutes, this is what I ended up with. pretty basic.


  • Sean Cooper

    Glad you liked the idea, thanks for sending the robot code. It’s great to see what players come up with. We hope you continue playing the game!

    Sean Cooper

  • Lorenzo Albano

    I did come by ComBots recently, and asked myself if I was missing some details when programming my ComBot…

    or else the game really really wants some more “events” and “commands”. You could really use

    “Align (Reset)” Turret Command: To order your Combot to rotate the turret until it is aligned with the body. At times, whatever your combot does when the turret sensor detects an enemy, or when you hit an enemy when the chassis does not make sense if the turret is 120 degrees rotated with respect to the chassis. The ComBot does NOT have a memory, and it does not really know where the turret is, or what it has done.

    “I Have been hit by enemy fire” event. You could join this one with the “Chassis collides with an enemy bot” event and it would be fine just the same. It’s a bit crazy, and unrealistic that the bot can “know” (and react) when it collides with an enemy bot, an event harmless by itself unless the other bot starts shooting in the right direction; but continues its routine under a deadly barrage and then dies, not just not knowing what hit it, but not knowing that it was hit in the first place.

    It’s a great game, and I admit it, it might be that I am just not that sharp a programmer of automata, and an explanation is in order as to why we don’t need any of the above.

  • Sam

    this is my code


    the game needs a few more events and commands, all the combots do the same, with little differences
    But nice game!!

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