Curse of the Son of the Ghost of Strange Pairings

by alphamonkey on September 20, 2006 · 2 comments

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Once again we tread into the deep well of ‘so stupid it’s actually really entertaining’ as well continuing with the strange pairings theme.  Maybe it’s the onset of baby madness, but I found myself laughing out loud at this odd little mash of Monty Python and Star Wars.

Speaking of which, I saw the re-release of the original Star Wars trilogy (in which the original theatrical versions of the films are included as a bonus disc) in the stores this weekend, and I’ll have you know that I curbed every nerd instinct in my body and resisted picking them up.  So in your face, Lucas! 

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  • Your Good Twin

    Good for you!  They were going to be my final purchase but I’ve heard such bad things about the transfer, ratio, and sound that it’s obvious to everyone they’ll come out with 5.1 anamorphic eventually to cash-in again.  I’m going to stupidly give the bastard money one more time because I love the originals, but I’m going to make it count, dammit.

  • .alphamonkey.

    Lucas has publicly stated that he ‘overwrote’ the original negatives when making the last Special Editions, so I’m curious to see if he will indeed churn out a cleaned up, high res/def version of the original trilogy.

    I’ve got burns of the laserdisc releases of the OT (which is what this current release is taken from).

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