Give A Helping Hand

by alphamonkey on September 21, 2006 · 3 comments

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Bob Geldof’s Band Aid project (not to mention a little thing called Live Aid) certainly spawned a host of likeminded imitators, but none could be more glorious than the Swedish Metal Aid tribute ‘Give a Helping Hand’.  Joey Tempest of Europe wrote the tune and, along with being my favorite of the niche benefit songs, Swedish Metal Aid marks the single most impressive collection of hair ever assembled in human history. Behold it’s glory! 

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  • energy

    Oh, the hair!!! The hair!  It’s so….hairy!

  • foxy24

    This is my first time on the site.

    I loved band Aid& hearing aid, but this was a bit too much.I love Joey Tempest from europe especially his amazing voice.I could not understand what the sweedish were talking abput and besides its so 80’s with the big hair and those tight leather pants come on.It was okay!

    but rather annoying.I never even seen this video till now. was it ever on mtv in the 80″s?

  • Sockna

    Swedish Metal Aid was a project that was created for one time only, back in 1985. The project involved about 80 swedish hardrockers gathered from 29 different bands. Behind the project stood Bob Geldof, a person that had done many similary projects as ex Band Aid, Live Aid och USA For Africa. Joey Tempest was asked if he could write a suitable song, which he of course did. The song was called “Give A Helpin´ Hand”.

    It’s a typical rock ballad suitable for this type of project. The B-side of the single had all autografs of all the leed singers ingraved. The record sold in 50 000 copies (Gold, I think) and the money they got from it were given to the aid against starvation in Ethiopia. Joey Tempest was also one of the leed singers together with Robert Ernlund (Treat), Bjoern Lodin (Bedlam, Six Feet Under, Baltimoore), Malin Ekholm (Aphrodite), Tommy Nilsson (Horizont, Easy Action) och Joakim Lundholm (220 Volt). The instruments were played by members of Easy Action och Treat.

    The record was produced and arranged by Kee Marcello (at this time playing in Easy Action). He also played the gitarrsolo. The other members of the choir were from bands as Aphrodite, Bedlam, Candy Roxx, Criss 99, Crystal Pride, Deep Diver, Easy Action, Europe, Fifth Avenue, Glorious Bankrobbers, Heavy Load, Madison, Mentzar Group, Motherlode, Neon Leon & Bondage Babies, Odessa, Orions Sword, Steel Wings, Torch, Trash, Treat, 220 Volt and Universe.

    Freely translated from Linus Johansson webpage about Europe (the band, not the continent grin.

    (only in swedish)

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