In Your Face, Hypercolor!

by alphamonkey on September 8, 2006 · 2 comments

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Philips has been playing with LED embedded clothing which, outside of gimmick value, is still a pretty silly idea, but it’s waaaaay cooler than the old Hypercolor clothing, which made wearers look like they were assaulted by Day-Glo clowns.  Behold video evidence of the dorky cool of Lumalive!

You can read more about the technology via Philip’s press release.

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  • LeatherSleeves

    i’d want my lumalive tv shirt to say “tacky”

  • HeyLowPapi

    It’s actually kinda neat. I doubt you’ll see it on any runways, but i’m willing to bet we’ll start seeing it used commercially. When i was in vegas this summer i went to the Aladdin and the info people were basically dressed like the crew from the Enterpise- black pants and solid colored, neon shirts for the guuys and black miniskirt, knee high boots and neon shirts for the ladies- and gliding around on segways. It was completely silly. I’m sure by the next time i’m there they’ll all be sporting glowing “i”s on their chests as well.

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