by alphamonkey on September 6, 2006 · 3 comments

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While lacking the double dose of Hasselhoff that the KITT vs Goliath episodes contained, I always dug the Knight Rider episodes where KITT’s nemesis KARR made appearances.  So I say unto thee: Behold KITT and KARR’s climatic final showdown!  Yea verily, and only one Pontiac Firebird shall survive!

[via Cynical Smirk]

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  • elkciN

    Little known fact: David Hasselhoff eats babies. It wouldn’t be so bad except he doesn’t use the entire baby, unlike our Native American friends. And poor KITT, I always felt bad for him/it. Who knows where KITT’s career could have gone if Hasselhoff hadn’t gotten him/it addicted to goofballs and vietnamese man-whores. Long story short, David Hasselhoff ruins lives. Even imaginary talking car lives.

  • 98oktan

    You know, the secret to the HOFF’s (TM) success was simple: Always say things twice, buddy. Always say things twice.

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