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by The Good Reverend on September 25, 2006 · 0 comments

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A little different than some of our standard fare, but don’t ever accuse your friendly neighborhood Buddhists of not caring for your health!

It’s the Men’s Health Interactive Supplements Guide.  Very nice flash piece allowing men to figure out what we should be taking to bolster the nutrients (or lack thereof) in our diets.  You can look up by symptom or by supplement, read some background information, the create and print a Supplement List.  Back pain?  Try some white willow bark.  Chronic fatigue?  Bust out the Co-Q10.  Addiction to the Asian sex slave trade?  Ummm.. {awkward silence}

I have to say, Men’s Health is pretty on-the-ball when it comes to delivering great content.  I had pretty much ignored the whole industry until 6 months ago when I stepped on a scale and realized I had let myself balloon up to 30 lbs overweight.  So, I re-dedicated myself to diet and gym and started perusing the various fitness magazines.  Men’s Health is cool in that they’re not trying to make you into some mutant.  Just toned and able to run a mile without being doubled over, sucking wind.  I’ll confess they have the occasional “30 secrets proven to drive women wild!” article of dubious merit, but overall it’s an informative and well-researched source for those of us sick of being lumped in with the “Fat American” stereotype.

Ladies, I’m sorry I have nothing for ya in the way of a supplements guide.  But, the same company that makes Men’s Health makes Women’s Health, which might be a good start.  Who loves you!

note: we are not endorsed (or sponsored) by Men’s Health in any way.  Although, if anyone over at the mag is reading this and wants to send me cool stuff, have your people call my people!

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