My New Marketing Pet Peeve

by alphamonkey on September 12, 2006 · 1 comment

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Let’s face it, folks: Short of an outfit made from detachable $1000 dollar bills and a backpack that dispenses liqour and chocolate, there’s no product in the world that’s going to cause raving hordes of the opposite sex to riot in the streets at your mere presence.  As a marketing hook it’s been done to death, but apparently cliché isn’t in the marketing industry’s dictionary. 

Take a gander at this Italian Axe ad, which posists that, by wearing a body spray that smells like something you’d find in a bar restroom, ordinary hot women will combine into super hot women who will swarm in your wake like Prada obsessed locusts. 

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  • Jacomo

    Two things:

    1. I have indeed seen people combine like that. My own wife is combination of three girls I used to date in high school.

    2. In the casting for that add, wouldn’t it be kind of insulting to be one of the pre-smash girls? I guess it’s all about taste but the post-smash girls just looked sluttier, not prettier.

    3. Cake

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