Stan Lee’s Watchmen

by alphamonkey on September 6, 2006 · 2 comments

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Well, just landed itself on my ‘must read daily’ list with the nerdtastic idea of remixing the iconic Watchmen series with Stan Lee’s bombastic writing style.  Behold: Stan Lee’s Watchmen!

Alright, I’ll admit it: If you’re not a comic book nerd, this will make zero sense, but I promise you that it’s utterly brilliant regardless.

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  • BADD

    Ha ha!

    As a die hard Alan Moore fan, this is uterly brilliant.

    This might be the one project Alan might give his blessing to. 

    I love Stan (The Man) Lee too.  Marvel should go belly up for trying to screw him.  Damn youngin’s and their wild ideas about how comics should be written.  Have we learned nothing from the 90’s?

  • .alphamonkey.

    Well, we learned never to let Rob Liefeld draw or write a comic.  That’s certainly something.

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