The Inner Life of a Cell

by fantastic duck on September 15, 2006 · 13 comments

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An animated look at the molecular processes at work inside a cell, courtesy of the Biovision series from Harvard University.

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  • .alphamonkey.

    That is ridiculously cool.  Great find!

  • The Good Reverend

    Awesome.  I wonder how much is real and how much is artistic license.

  • fantastic duck

    It’s all based on real processes that have been studied, proteins can do some crazy shit, and most of if it is unbelievably complex. In the beginning, where you have all the huge things floating around in a bluish surface, that’s the cell membrane, and the structures are mostly various channel proteins that transport (actively or passivle) specific molecules into or out of the cell. Those tube-like things being built up are structural proteins that give a cell its shape. There are also parts where transcription is taking place, and others where the Golgi apparatus is shown.

  • fantastic duck

    my sister passed the link along so thanks to her.

  • elkciN

    Researching this lead me to discover my word of the day: ‘endoplasmic reticulum’. So remember, if anyone says the secret word, you’ve gotta scream real loud.

  • musicgirl416

    Amazing! I really like the portrayal of the dynein/cytoskeleton ‘monorail’ system.

  • Boss Robot

    Does that thing that latches onto the giant blue round thing actually move about like that? With feets? Terminology my ass.

  • musicgirl416

    haha yeah, it actually does. I promise.

  • waldogoesnuts

    i feel like a horrible person if things happen in me like that every day everyu second and little things walking on little feets on my stringy thingys

  • elkciN

    When you put it that way, I kinda feel a bit violated.

  • BADD

    What happens if it trips?

  • elkciN

    You implode. Trust me, I’m a scientist.

  • BADD

    SWEET!  I always wanted to do that.

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