The True Adventures of Chad

by alphamonkey on September 21, 2006 · 1 comment

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Maybe it’s just holdover love from the ‘omg I can’t believe it’s gone’ Sega Dreamcast, but Sega has done a great job handling the marketing of their subsequent games.  At least, from an online perspective.  Maybe the smartest move was in getting Mekanism to handle their campaigns.  After all, the SegaLabs site for Full Auto was sheer brilliance, and their GameTap spot (aka the Mexican Puppet Show clip) remains one my favorite commercial works of the last two years.  Mekanism returned to the SEGA well and is handling the current campaign for Super Monkey Ball Deluxe, which is another inspired bit of smart short film as ad work.  So take a few moments and experience the life of Chad, the “guy who was so into Sper Monkey Ball Deluxe that he decided to live in a ball”.

On the surface there’s nothing wholly remarkable about the clips, but after watching the whole series, I was struck by how they opted to forgo the cheap joke and let the situation play itself out.  It’s still slapstick, but it’s smarter slapstick.  I’m really putting too much thought into this, aren’t I?

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  • Dhsu

    Oh man, I remember this campaign.  Every episode made me laugh out loud at least once, and the theme and ending songs were so infectious it wasn’t even funny.  Great, great stuff.

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