99 Rooms

by alphamonkey on October 31, 2006 · 1 comment

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I’ve seen a number of horror themed games online, but 99 Rooms (which we posted in the olden days of 2004) may very well be my favorite.  The use of sound as a means of atmosphere is just astounding, and the simplicity of the game (if you could really call it that) underscores a feeling of low level dread.  You know you have to click something to move forward, but after a few choice moments in some creepy rooms, you begin to hesitate.  Brilliant. 

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    99 rooms is a brilliant site. There was one similar to it that came out around the same time. It had a surreal noir feel to it and was a puzzle game. I lost the bookmark about a year ago, forgot the name and have been searching for it like crazy. I remember the first sequence puzzle had to do with a phone call, then a bath tub, after that you would go to an ocean. Was, hoping if anybody can give me a lead.

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