Becel – Escalator

by alphamonkey on October 13, 2006 · 9 comments

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Here’s a commercial that does the nigh-impossible: If you were to strip the text overlays, you’d have no idea this was a commercial.  Kudos to whomever pitched this spot, because it’s utterly brilliant.  I shan’t ruin it by explaining further.  Just watch.

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  • Heretique

    That is great, and even knowing it was a commercial, I couldn’t guess for what…

  • elkciN

    That was wonderful. I think I’m gonna stop by the mall after work today…

  • airwarden

    Hey, the mall’s First Canadian Place in Toronto.

  • Your Good Twin

    It’s so clever and obvious a joke that you wonder why some skit show didn’t get to it first.  Actually, it reminds me of something the Kids in the Hall would have done.  I like it.

  • musicgirl416

    This has replaced Motorola’s history of film as my favorite commercial.

  • Boss Robot

    “Escalator temporarily stairs. Sorry for the convenience. We apologize for the fact that you can still get up there”

    -Mitch Hedberg

    So reminded me of that

  • musicgirl416

    Actually I thought of that too.

  • becel-escalator

    does anyone know how I could get/download an electronic version of this? in windows media player or real player?

    would be willing to pay.


  • .alphamonkey.

    Right-click on the video, choose properties.  Copy and paste the address and voila! All yours.

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