Dove Gets Smart

by alphamonkey on October 18, 2006 · 10 comments

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It’s interesting (to say the least) to see a beauty brand make such a concentrated effort to dismantle the mythos and effects of marketing’s ceaseless selling of beauty, but Dove has been working toward that end for most of 2006. The new spots work two angles to a single approach:  The first spot, called ’Evolution‘ deconstructs the marketed ideal of beauty by showing us just how unrealistic (and produced) that standard really is.  The second spot, called ’Daughters‘ emphasizes the negative effect incurred by young women and girls who are bombarded by these hyper-stylized and impossible beauty standards every day.

It’s on issues like these when I question the benefits to marketing and advertising in general, as the old argument of ‘holding up a mirror’ simply shatters against reality.  The image shown in that mirror isn’t possible in real life, so to what end is that image beneficial to us in terms of a standard of beauty or appearance?  I know that there are more than a few marketing and ad folk reading this site, so I ask you: Why?

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  • Awesomer

    Wow, Dove rules! If I ever bathed I would definitely use their soap.

  • Your Good Twin

    That’s pretty impressive, Dove.  Kudos on that, even IF it benefits them somehow.  (I guess the benefit for them is skinCARE versus skinCOVER?) Like I said, I don’t know so I’ll just give them the thumbs up.

    This reminds me of the hilarious-yet-frightening celebs without make up

  • waldogoesnuts

    what ever happened to the “men who feel bad about their apperience” fund? huh? i feel left out

  • .alphamonkey.

    Wasn’t that called ‘The Man Show’?

  • waldogoesnuts

    well i was shielded when i was growing up. my parents said even the simpsons were the work of the devil

  • .alphamonkey.

    After Season 10 or so, I could go along with that.

  • Boss Robot

    Girls, if we can’t see your ribs, you’re ugly.

  • .alphamonkey.

    I might have to proactively kick your ass on the behalf of my not-yet-born daughters.

  • Boss Robot

    Hopefully I wasn’t too subtle. I think I should’ve used quotations

  • BelchSpeak

    Yeah, this vid is in the top ten on Technocrati and Youtube, and its awesome that Dove is shining this light on the unattainable beauty.

    What will it take to stop this kind of marketing?  I think it will take women standing up and refusing to buy magazines that use these marketing techniques.  And somehow, healthier, chunkier girls have to be glamorized by the industry as beautiful.

    Just not …  too chunky.

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