Extreme Pumpkin & Other Halloween Delights.

by alphamonkey on October 13, 2006 · 3 comments

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While coming up with ideas for Casa de Monkey’s obligatory Halloween Jack o’ Lantern, I remembered Extreme Pumpkin, which I belive we linked waaaay back in 2004.  There’s a veritable goldmine of ideas here, so get crackin’.  Personally, I’m really digging this skinned pumpkin look.

Of course, you could really up the ante and go with some Haunted Furniture from The Scarefactory.  Of course, if you have 2K to drop on Halloween gear, I seriously need to attend your parties.

One Page Wonder has been doing a Halloween Countdown since September 1st, and they’ve got oodles of scare-themed stuff going right now.

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  • monkeysuncle

    for some serious pumpkin heads, take a look at these carvings:


  • http://www.dadsbigplan.com .alphamonkey.

    Those are well done, but that falls outside of the typical pumpking carving.  That’s full on sculpture, and is nigh impossible to reproduce if you’re not already skilled in the process.

  • monkeysuncle

    that was sent along as something to admire and only possibly aspire to.

    who knows what you could do if you’d put a bit of effort into it…

    and how else would one get “skilled in the process”

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