Friday Science Fun!

by alphamonkey on October 13, 2006 · 2 comments

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The Truth About Zombies! No, not the flesh craving kind.  The old school kind, like your Haitian grandmother used to make.  Interesting stuff.

Miracles You’ll See In the Next 50 Years.  The Modern Mechanix blog scanned some choice stuff in a 1950’s Popular Mechanics article about life in the faraway year of 2000.

Back in 2004, The BBC had yet another great documentary series, which took a look at the science and physics of martial arts.  It’s called Mind, Body, and Kick Ass Moves, and of course you can watch a bit of it on YouTube.

And lastly, have you given the Freakanomics Blog a read? Authors Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner (who wrote a phenomenal book called Freakonomics, coincidentally enough) are what you might consider rogue economists, and they turn their offbeat analysis skills loose on the news of the day.  Good stuff.

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  • Heretique

    Nice find on the Freakanomics blog.

  • Boss Robot

    Oh man! So much fascinating stuff is going on right now in the world! Why the hell am I just sitting here watching Flavor of Love reruns?!?!?! The world of science awaits!

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