Lily Allen – Little Things

by alphamonkey on October 27, 2006 · 7 comments

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I don’t know why I’m so fascinated by Lily Allen.  By all rights, it should be just so much more disposable pop music, but I find myself listening to it again and again.  Check out this clip for her track, Little Things.  I’ll be curious to see how I feel when her album is available stateside. 

Any of you ‘Buddha readers across the pond want to weigh in on this?

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  • Johnnyboy

    I’m not “across the pond” but I have her album, and it’s quite enjoyable, mostly because she’s so damn sassy. The music also feels a little less disposable than most domestic dance-pop, since it replaces faux R&B with touches of ska and dub.

  • Just Plain Bob

    i can understand why it’s got you fascinated, ace; it’s kindof inexplicably pleasant. i’m feeling a bit thin in the ‘substance’ department.. the feeling in it is universal, yeah, but i feel like the lyrics are pretty weak in some places. the video really sells it, though… especially the anachronisms between the lyrics and images. very old-timey feel to the visuals, and she’s talking about DVDs… i like it. plays tricks with the brain.

    and the accent’s pretty nice.

  • Thewellis

    I am from across the Atlantic. (wow firefox’s dictionary really doesn’t recognize firefox as a word). Anyway, as for views on Lily Allen I find her work interesting in a vague its not entirely dreary kind of way. The problem I have is that the main place I seem to hear her music is either on an annoying advert for her music or in clothes shops trying to be trendy by playing bbc radio one. Although paradoxically enough my taste in music is towards American music, e.g. Flaming Lips, Grandaddy and even some Tom Waits. So my opinion isn’t really that valid.

  • quaoar

    hi alphachimp!

    I’ve been checking your posts for a while now and got a first glimpse of lilly’s videos, both times gave me the imprssion of extreme closeness to a mexican band wich am fond of and will like to recomend to all transbuddhers.

    she is ‘Natalia Lafourcade’ and her band, ‘la fourquetina’, she manages a very ‘naïve moderne’ style kind as lilly does, and should be checked by all you wierdos.

    excuse my lengüaje, i wish you all a very happy day of the dead.

  • Just Plain Bob

    you, sir, are my hero.

    note to irritating pubescent fangirls: this guy speaks better english than you.

  • BADD

    She has a sincereness to her singing.  I have this feeling she did indeed write that song, rather than the cold sterile feeling I get when I hear someone who obviously has a writer do all the real work for them.

    *Cough*Britneyspears*cough* *cough*.  Excuse me.

  • Elohgee

    She’s smokin hot in the way that also says, “I’ve read everything you’ve read, and the notes”. Doeseverysongshedoeshaveversesthatrollalonglikethisuntilshehastotakeabreath?

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