Michael, You’ve Been Given a Great Gift!

by alphamonkey on October 5, 2006 · 1 comment

in Short Film,Uncategorized

As the comedy collective known as Van Gogh-Goghs put it, “It’s ‘Knight Rider’ with a colostomy bag”.  It’s also weird and funny enough to warrant some time. 

If you’re up for a long-haul read, I heartily recommend reading the story of the Fantasy Saturday Night Live League Draft that’s currently being played out on their blog section.  I’m not one for fantasy leagues, nor have I been a fan of SNL in quite some time, but I found myself utterly compelled to read all the draft picks. 

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    Dagnabit… That was great reading.. Im like all geeked up for the last 2 rounds of the SNL draft…

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