One Call

by alphamonkey on October 27, 2006 · 3 comments

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There’s no feeling quite like the frustration of knowing that you have to call tech support.  In particular I detest calling support when my cable modem goes out, if for no other reason than I know that they’ll walk me through the same 5 things I did 10 times before I called them.  Anyway, here’s a (Dutch? Norwegian?) spot that takes that frustration to a new level.  There are two spots in one here; a tame one and a kinda over the top one.  Enjoy. 

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  • Awesomer

    That there’s Norwegian.

  • DataShade

    Nothing to do with the video, but I do tech support for a cable company, and I’ll just say that the reason my average phone call length is under 6 minutes isn’t because I can fix any email problem in less time than it takes to boil an egg.  It’s because probably half the people who call in with a connectivity problem don’t know that if the VOIP works, it’s not the modem, or that the solid STANDBY light means they turned off their own modem, or that unplugging the ethernet cable for 30 seconds isn’t going to reset the modem.

    I’m sorry if we treat you like an idiot if you’re not.  But everyone else is.

  • .alphamonkey.

    My problem is the complete and utter inability to break from the script when someone with any computer savvy does come on the line. 

    I did my time in the tech support trenches, and I remember quite clearly how relieved I was whenever I took a call from someone who knew exactly what they were doing.  In those cases, I was all to happy to skip the requisite steps and just get them what they needed (usually a replacement part).

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