by alphamonkey on October 27, 2006 · 5 comments

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I’ve been wanting to see Run Wrake’s Rabbit short since I saw the trailer back in late Spring, and lo and behold! It’s creepy but beautiful brilliance is worth the wait.  Check it. 

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  • http://www.myspace.com/yourgoodtwin Your Good Twin

    I don’t know man, it just seems like a lot of work for no good reason.  Too many animated short films just look like string of consciousness.  “What if… what if there was a girl in a field.. yeah.  And she saw a rabbit.  So.. so she decided to kill it to make a muff!  Yeah!  But there was… there was a.. a… a lamp inside?  No no… a golden idol!  YEAH!  And it… Hmm… It ah… Killed her?  Nah..  It ate jam?  Hmm.. nah..  But if a fly came by… it zapped it!  DUDE!  It zapped it and the fly turned into a JEWEL!”

    And so and such forth until he had 7 and a half minutes of animation.  I mean perhaps if I’m missing some greater narrative or deeper meaning, please point it out!

  • corey

    i’m pretty sure that that is SALVIA induced. i’ve been there and don’t know if i wanna go back.

  • dragonfly

    it very well may be salvia induced – but only because he/you didn’t get past the superficial level… if you are able to access the deeper levels it is the most profound Plant Teacher there is – but beware if you aren’t ready to access those levels because She may bite…

  • BADD

    Well I thought it was neat.  I would also point out that you should never gripe about something given to you for free.

    Well perhaps diseases are ok to gripe about, but none the less….

    Most cases in my experience, people who make these films do it for their own benifit, not to make any grandios statement about the world or culture.  I would say he did this, because he enjoys making short animation films.  If he gets some real work because of it, great!  If people tell him it sucks, I bet he wouldn’t give a damn.

  • http://www.thebestsalvia.com/ salvia

    I really wanted to watch the video but i guess that it is gone now….. that sucks i will check back soon!

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