Street Fighter: The Later Years

by alphamonkey on October 5, 2006 · 7 comments

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College Humor has broken into the skit set with a somewhat high dollar looking short that lets us faithful gamers know what’s become of all our old Street Fighter pals.  First up: Zangeif and Dhalsim

Ok, CH.  You’ve got me for this one.  Now don’t make me wait forever for episode 2.

Update:  Episode 2 is totally out.  Check it!

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  • vampir2124

    this is awesome… lets hope the next episode comes quickly..

  • Boss Robot

    Let’s hope it’s a success story! I’m crossing my fingers hard!!!

  • yeah,baybey

    me want see Chun Li!

  • Boss Robot

    Do you really? Think about. yes, i’ll probably dissappointed too. please let her age gracefully

  • Emil

    Realy cool whant 2 see more 😀

  • Mr Seth

    I… I frickin’ don’t believe this. The acting is amazing, the writing is crisp and actually believable – especially Dhalsim’s quip about “firing up the SNES and beating the shit out of myself” – and…


  • jimbert

    wow wow wow wow!

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