The Art of Navigating From A to B

by alphamonkey on October 16, 2006 · 0 comments

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In the realm of online games, simplicity is king.  And what’s more simple than moving from point A to point B?  Here’s three games that take a simple task and up the ante via their clever design

First up is The Game of Disorientation, which pits your ability to navigate simple paths against a raging case of the spins.  Think of it as drunk walking in a world filled with poisonous spikes.

Line Flyer takes the mechanics of Buddha favorite Line Rider, and then throws a motorcycle into the mix.  It’s also much more forgiving on angles and impact, so pulling off impressive maneuvers is a little more simple.

Draw Play works like a cross between the first two, in that you’re responsible for drawing the path your avatar will take in reaching his destination.  You’ll have to build slopes and steps to navigate around hazardous objects, and it’s quite a mental exercise at times. 

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