The Beautiful Madness of Cats

by alphamonkey on October 18, 2006 · 3 comments

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Okay, okay.  So maybe a slew of death related links wasn’t exactly the prime way to start this October hump day.  To make up for any Buddha caused morning morbids, let’s just take a big sugar pill in the form of my favorite glee bringer: Cats.

Now, now.  I can hear some of you already: “Cats?  Everyone knows dogs are so much better!” Pshaw, I say.  Cats are universally insane, and as such they tend to provide much more fodder for our callous and jaded amusement.  Most especially, they just photograph better. Also, their frolicing lends itself to far more engaging video clips

I don’t know about you, but I sure feel better now.

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  • Your Good Twin

    Teehee, I love kitties too.  I can’t help but check in on Caturday’s on 4chan if I think about it.  All of those are classics.  The “im in ur…” series just cracks me up.

    That video is hugely “heehee” inducing from me.

  • BADD



    Are you trying to kill me.  I actually gaffaled.  DO you know when the last time I actually laughed that hard?!!11

    DO YOU!!!

  • .alphamonkey.

    January 5th, 1988: an episode of ‘A.L.F.’

    Just a guess.

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