The Bravia Advert Goes Live

by alphamonkey on October 17, 2006 · 10 comments

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Sony’s original Bravia advert was a big hit, so it stands to reason that they’d go balls out for the ‘sequel’, going so far as to document the process via a not very well updated blog.  Last night at Midnight EST, the ad went live on the site and, while it’s a really impressive technical feat involving untold gallons of paint and pyrotechnic know-how, it simply does not hold up to the original.  Maybe I’m jaded (okay, I *know* I’m jaded), but this one really has a ‘Hey, those kids today love the Mentos fountain thing.  Let’s do that’ feel to it. Watch it yourself and tell me what you (the hypothetically less jaded person) thinks of it.

As a bonus assignment, can anyone explain to me what the hell that clown has to do with anything?

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  • BADD

    Clown?  What Clown?

    You feelin’ alright AM?

  • elkciN

    Didn’t like it as much as the first one, but still alright. The clown scene is obviously an apologue, meant to teach us about the benefits of wheat bread. Do they really have to spell it out for you?

    BADD, you should have that clown blind spot checked out. You don’t want them sneaking up on you, now do you?

  • musicgirl416

    Minus the clown, I think it’s a good ad. It is building on the success of the first ad, but the concept is slightly different; there’s an element of humor present in the second ad that the first one lacks. I do prefer the first ad.

    The clown should’ve been nixed.

  • Your Good Twin

    They’re different.  Just not made to be compared.  The first one is elegant and utterly serene.  The second one is bombastic and whimsical.  I definitely think you are jaded being let down, I watched them consecutively and love them equally on their own merits.  Either way you look at it, exploding paint inside otherwise normal interiors is just rad.

  • .alphamonkey.

    Honestly, I think my let down-ness is more from having followed the blog since it’s inception, which not only gave away what was being done, they also showed the rough footage. So the final product was in no way a surprise for me.

  • Your Good Twin

    Oh well yeah, we all know the more you look into a project, the less it impacts you when it finally comes out.  That’s why over the years I’ve taken to trying to avoid game previews after I get really interest in a game.  It really takes away so much.

  • Boss Robot

    how did they make it explode in midair?

    I just love colour!

  • .alphamonkey.

    How’d they make it explode in mid-air?  Motherfuckin’ lasers and shit, that’s how! Duh!

    Or, you know, timed charges like they use in fireworks. Either one.

  • BADD

    Ok, got the clown blind spot looked at.  They fixed it with a sharp blow to the temple with a trench tool.

    Yeah that clown is unneccessary, but I really liked the concept and visual.  AM, look at it with a purely asthetic eye, and I think you will find some love for this ad again.

    I mean, how many times did you feel like setting of a paint bomb in someones kitchen?

  • em

    Maybe they just added the clown for extra colour.

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