This is a serious game

by alphamonkey on October 4, 2006 · 4 comments

in Short Film,Uncategorized

It’s nice to know that D&D nerdiness extends well beyond the pond.  Check out this great French language short detailing the clash of a once upon a time gamer and his friends who never stopped. 

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  • waldogoesnuts

    my brother would have loved this movie. cause he takes his game serioulsy also. plus its his kinda humor. but sadly he hates this website and i cant convince him to check it out. he says the post are dumb =(

  • .alphamonkey.

    Waitaminute! These posts are dumb!  Where has my Masterpiece Theater ethos gone!?

  • Busymm

    No wonder Tom stopped playing, he’s just too darn good!

  • Garr

    I love it!  They are not from “across the pond” unless Quebec, Canada has moved.  Or maybe you are in Europe?  Then I guess you are right.  I have sent the link to a friend who is a serious player – speaks a little French – he thought it was great and passed it on.

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