After Too Many

by alphamonkey on November 30, 2006 · 3 comments

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While trying to combat underage drinking is about as effective as banning teen masturbation, I will say going after specifically binge drinking is a smart move for a public awareness campaign.  The After Too Many site is chock full of the normal kinds of warnings and statistics you’d expect, but what really set it apart (beyond the Flash design*) were the two ads that can be viewed there.  Kids calmly discussing the stupid (and sometimes horrifying) things they’ll do when blitzed is pretty sobering indeed. Check ‘em both out right here.  That’s some effective PSA work.

*A note to brand and PSA site designers:  If I had my way, site creators that force a fixed-size popup that contains the actual site would be considered criminals and immediately punishable by a raging neck punch.  Cut it out already.

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  • Your Good Twin

    I concur.  Official sites that force you into this pop-up just feel like they are self-absorbed.  “Oh we’re so awesome you have to go to this OTHER window independent of your regular browser.” Fuck you guys.

  • Brian Clevenger

    I spotted this on EBay for the After Too Many campaign.

  • .alphamonkey.

    eBay?  Does the campaign have merch or something for sale?  Could you elaborate?

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