Ah, Democracy!

by alphamonkey on November 7, 2006 · 0 comments

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I have to apologize, as I get rather single minded in election seasons.  Rest assured I’ll have some manner of office time wasting and frivolity up today, but for my first post voting and volunteering spot, I’m going to really break with my normal thing and post a link to HBO’s excellent ’Hacking Democracy‘ show that’s currently up on Google Video.  This hour and 20 minuted long documentary details the irregularities and base issues with the aftereffects of the Help America Vote Act, and the rise of Diebold’s (and other companies) influence on our electoral process.  It is a fascinating (if grim) look at how unregulated and unsecured we’ve allowed our voting process to become.

ComputerWorld has a similarly themed slate of stories regarding the security issues with electronic voting, as well as a break down of the most at-risk states, and how they’ll effect voting results.  Also in this series are profiles on the vendors of EVMs

Frankly, there’s almost too much information out there to parse a cohesive idea as to how secure our voting really is, but the outlook isn’t particularly good.  Not that it should be used as an excuse not to vote.  Quite the opposite, in fact.  It is only by engaging more and more of the voting public that we can ensure that our voices are being heard. 

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