And So It Goes

by alphamonkey on November 8, 2006 · 2 comments

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Last night provided a conclusion of sorts for those of us who’d been predicting an event that others deemed us crazy to even consider.  After much speculation (and incessant media coverage), America can finally breathe a sigh of deep relief:  Britney Spears has filed for divorce!  Finally, our long national nightmare is over. Let the death clock on K-Fed’s celebrity status begin it’s final countdown!

Oh yeah, and the Dems totally rocked the House (and governorships), ensuring that Nancy Pelosi will soon take charge as the first female Speaker of the House.  At the time of this writing, a close race in Virgina almost certainly guarantees a recount, but otherwise things are looking up for the Democratic Party.  No matter; I’ll bet our esteemed leaders will continue to act in accordance with the fair standard of cooperation and bi-partisanship that have been the order of the day for the last 12 years!

Though, I feel it’s important to reiterate some of the hard truths learned through last night’s election coverage that I think we can all agree on: Wolf Blitzer is kind of a douche, and perhaps they need to loosen Larry King’s suspenders.  I mean c’mon, they looked like on sharp upright move would cut the fame vampire in half! 

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  • elkciN

    One November election down, now onto the real issue facing the nation this November, PS3 or Wii. The people shall vote with their wallets!

  • Your Good Twin

    Man, creepy coincidence.  I got to work this morning and I had an email from a friend giving me basically the same joke.  “Today is a sad day for America.  How can we go on?  Britney is divorcing K-Fed.” And seeing as how I avoid 99% of celeb news successfully, and seeing as how the friend is semi-Republican, I honestly thought he was referring to the elections and that Britney was some friend of his that was in love with the Republican controlled gov’ment and that she was “divorcing” “K-Fed”.  (K-Fed seeming to be some kind of nickname for the Federal Gov’ment to me) My mind completely contrived it’s way around his joke and then I felt bad because I wrote back being all seriously discussing politics.  :-\

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