Animator vs. Animation II

by alphamonkey on November 20, 2006 · 3 comments

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Alan Becker has finally followed up his wildly popular ’Animator vs. Animation‘ with the cleverly titled ‘Animator vs. Animation II’ (which you can view here at AtomFilms, who yes, still make you watch an ad beforehand.).  It’s executed a little more cleanly than the first, and it’s still very much an homage to those great Daffy Duck vs. his creator shorts from yore, but I dunno.  Maybe it’s because the ‘Icon War’ thing has been done before as well, but it felt a little flat to me.  What say you, dear readers?

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  • Alex

    This one is good, but I like the original way better.  The new one seems like it treads a lot of the same ground.

  • Your Good Twin

    Oh man, I TOTALLY disagree.  It does what any good sequel does: it takes an original formula and goes much further.  I mean, he breaks out of the Macromedia program for one thing.  Fights the Firefox and AIM guy?  That’s just great.  And all the stuff the Creator goes through trying to beat him.  And then Avast! takes him down, which is practically an advertisement for those guys.  But that’s cool because I use Avast! and love it.

    Anyway, I think it is quite the worthy successor and just wish I could save it.

  • elkciN

    I’m gonna have to go with My Good Twin on this one, I liked this even better than the first. As for the other ‘Icon War’ movie, this completely blew it our of the water.

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