Best Wedding Present Ever.

by alphamonkey on November 22, 2006 · 1 comment

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So say your fanatical gamer friends are getting married.  Between them, they have every system ever (not to mention a few standing machines), so what do you do?  Duh, you create an entirely new video game for them! 

Watch the clip for an amazing wedding present put together by a group of coders and designers (who can often be found musing and whatnot over at Tokyopia, which was then run on a projection screen and played via Xbox wireless controllers.  How awesome must those friends be?

For a more complete look at how the game was put together (and why), you can read this blogpost by one of the game’s creators.

Yes, it’s YouTube. There are a couple of off format embedded players in the pipe for today, mostly because alternate versions were simply not available.  In this case, time constraints prevented me from finding an alternate version.

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  • kiko

    freakin’ jawdroppin’ sweet. actually makes me wanna get married. can I rent these people?

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