Black Friday

by alphamonkey on November 24, 2006 · 10 comments

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Sorry folks.  I’d intended to post today, but spending some time with family with whom I get to spend very little time won out last night.  As you read this, I’ll have been at work for a few hours, as I must get up at ass o’clock to attend the crazed mob of people who absolutely must have their coffee on this, the most hated day of the year (if you work with the public, that is). 

That said, let me offer a little advice to those of you who’ve either never worked on the other side of a counter, or have simply forgotten the experience:  Black Friday is not a holiday for many, many, many Americans.  It’s a day when people who, let’s face it, are a little crazy about shopping tend to treat retailers more than a little callously.  Bear in mind that the person behind the counter is not getting holiday or overtime pay.  They’re not getting to spend time with their family (and probably didn’t the day before either).  They’re there because they have to be. (working on Black Friday is nearly mandatory in retail service).  Understand that the person who’s selling you coffee, an Xbox, or whatever doesn’t control the stock.  If you didn’t get a PS3 because you weren’t willing (re: insane enough) to camp out on Thanksgiving night in front of a store, that’s not their fault, nor should they be punished for the behavior of your fellow shoppers.  If you don’t love your family enough to camp out for 18 hours just to shell out $600 for what’s basically a Electronic Battleship game on PCP and steroids, that’s your bag.

Be kind to your servers, your cashiers, and your floor people.  They’re there because frankly your behavior demands them to be.  If they’re less than filled with a zen like bliss, be understanding and sympathetic.  And most of all, don’t be jerkwards. 


And for those of you still reading this half-diatribe/half plea:  I’m planning some weekend posts as a makeup to you, my dear and faithful internet pals. 

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  • Bill

    Made the mistake of trying to shop on Black Friday a few years ago…I feel sorry for the retail clerks….They ought to get combat pay…


  • Busymm

    Here here!

  • Boss Robot

    Weekend posts!?!?! Sweet! Christmas is coming early this year! Awh, I wish I got you something. Maybe I’ll do some digging and find some internet goodies for the transbuddha

  • BADD

    As a former black friday worker in a retail store, I agree with AM 100%.

    Looks like I am a little late though….

  • Front Line Veteran

    Well Put!

  • guddha

    shweet!!weekend!,black friday and the following days suck ass though

  • .alphamonkey.

    Today wasn’t so bad.  Probably because most people ‘round here were recovering from binge eating on Thursday, and then hitting the shops at 3-5am the next morning.

  • MickeyM2

    Being a former Black Friday veteran I could not have put it any better myself.

  • Enslaved By Ducks

    2 things:

    1) The customer is ALWAYS right. ALWAYS. Got that, skippy?

    2) Why do you hate America and why do you want the Islamofaschists to destroy America and set up a Talibanesque style of rule here in the USA?

  • .alphamonkey.

    #1: Ha! That’s priceless! It’s also very wrong. 

    #2: Mostly just to piss you off.

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