It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

by alphamonkey on November 29, 2006 · 19 comments

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And no, I don’t mean the holidays.  I mean that time that comes in every geek’s life when they have to start thinking about a new computer.  (This should be a clue that this post will consist of nerdy rambling, so be forewarned.  If you truly demand A/V satisfaction, click the picture.)

My existing rig has done right by me, but my requirements have upped in the last few months (and I’m sick of getting smoked in Counter-Strike by young turks running better rigs).  I’ve been running with Dell for the last few years, and I’m eyeballing one of those sassy new XPS desktops they’ve got now.  I know it’s shallow of me, but that case design is hot.

I know it makes me a bad geek to go with a big box system, but I can’t be bothered to assemble my own system, let alone worrying about warranty and all that bugaboo.  And while I’d love to blow 5K on an Alienware, the gods of the Internet have not seen fit to provide me said 5K to blow, so that’s totally out.  Any of you funky internet fiends out there running an XPS? The monkey demands input. 

And just so we’re clear:  No, this isn’t some shady pay-for-post kind deal.  I’m just genuinely curious as to the experiences with the systems that any of you might have had.  That said, if Dell sees fit to reward my shameless plugging with a tricked out XPS 700, myself and my soon to be born twin girls will be eternally grateful. 

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  • Jacomo

    A. The case design is truely cool looking. I’ve been secretly admiring it for some time.

    B. Seriously, if you CAN put together a system yourself, DO IT. You are wasting your money otherwise. I have a better rig than that XPS, but I spent one and a half grand and did it myself. Head to Tom’s Hardware and do some research.

    C. Good Luck

  • elkciN

    Wait, can I be paid to post? Twix® bars are the best! Mountains of Twix® bars, in the backseat of my incredibly sexy Dodge® Viper. With a beautiful Hooters® Girl in the passenger seat, serving me some of their World-Famous Hot Wings, and a refreshing, ice cold Guiness® Draft in the cupholder, while I drive down the Autoban thanks to my lovely Orbitz® vacation package (Orbitz® makes it so easy!). I wonder if they have Best Buy®s in Europe, since it would be a shame to miss out on their unbelievably low prices.

    Now I just sit back and watch the money/free stuff roll in. I wish I would’ve known it was this easy earlier. Like, say if there was an Easy Button ala Staples®. The only place I go to buy office supplies, Staples®.

    See you suckers later, I’m rich now!

  • .alphamonkey.

    Rich, huh?  Looks like someone forgot to account for my cut.

  • elkciN

    Upper-middle class, here I come!

  • .alphamonkey.

    Yah, don’t go buying that McMansion just yet.

  • ravingmaniac

    On that page wear the 3 700’s are, the middle one has a 2 yr warranty, and I’m gittin it triked plenty for me in Jan. for less than 3500 includin tax.  I’m stikin wit dell.

  • Joe Sixpack

    Buy from a local computer reseller, Alpha!!

    They will cost less, you’ll get better sales and technical support, and you’ll be able to bring it to their location in-town if it breaks.

    Found Pyrinex (.com) in my town, and I had such a great experience, I bought a second computer from them 2 years later.  Best money ever spent.

    (Full disclosure… I, um, yeah, I work for Dell.)

  • .alphamonkey.

    “Buy from a local computer reseller, Alpha!!”

    Two words:  Sandusky, Ohio. I’d be lucky to find a guy selling Tandys out of the back of his El Camino.

  • .alphamonkey.

    And yah, don’t feel bad. I worked for Gateway for a couple of years.

  • elkciN

    Do you know Tommy Boy?

    Sorry, that’s all I know about Sandusky, OH.

    In fact, I was pretty sure it was made up until just now.

  • .alphamonkey.

    Nice little place, actually.  But not exactly a technical mecca.

  • elkciN

    It’s ok, I lived in Malvern, OH for a few months and, barring farm communities, that has to be the most boring town I’ve ever seen.

    Of course, Rockford isn’t much better, we’re supposed to be the 2nd largest city in IL (3rd now, maybe) but it’s mostly just projects. If you’re looking to score some drugs, though, Rockford has the cheapest prices around. As long as you’re not worried about the whole ‘being shot and robbed’ thing.

    It just pisses me off, cause the city does have a lot of potential, but any possible advancements are shot down by politicians, or sometimes even the population itself. It’s like Rockford wants to be a ghetto, no matter what. Also has quite the reputation of being a ‘Black Hole’ in that no one ever leaves. That’s why I got the hell out of there, to a smaller town up by the Wisconsin border.

    Ok, none of that had to do with anything, sorry about that.

  • ravingmaniac

    Well AM, Dell for your PC an Cedar point fo yo high.  (0_0)

  • .alphamonkey.

    Cedar Point kicks some serious ass.

  • Computer Smart Man

    Build the computer you fuck! If it’s a desktop everything, get better shit per dollar and dont dump your computer in a lake and you’ll be fine.


    lockntross at gmail com

  • .alphamonkey.

    Wow, that’s the kind of response that really makes me want to not do that.

  • elkciN

    How could you not trust someone who names themselves ‘Computer Smart Man’? Seriously, he sounds way smart about computers.

  • .alphamonkey.

    I have a very simple rule in life: If your name isn’t “Sexual Chocolate”, I don’t listen to a word you have to say.

  • elkciN

    So, you live your life by this?

    I can’t fault you for it.

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