John Safran vs. the Mormons

by alphamonkey on November 29, 2006 · 1 comment

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John Safran is an Australian documentary film-maker who, in the words of his own website, ‘is basically a copy of Michael Moore’.  That’s not entirely fair nor accurate (his website text was written by his ex-girlfriend apparently.  It’s a rather funny read), as it would be much more accurate to state that he’s a prankster much more in line with Sascha Baron Cohen.

Anyway, this clip is taken from his now completed show on SBS, John Safran vs. God.  At some point Safran decided to give Mormons a taste of their own medicine and traveled to Salt Lake City where he then went door to door trying to convert people to atheism.  Whatever your beliefs, it’s a great premise, and one that’s helped by his adopting the LDS attire and carting around a copy of ‘Origin of the Species’. 

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  • darthabyssos

    thank you, john. you are a god among men.

    …even though you dont exist.

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