Lux – Fairy Tale

by alphamonkey on November 20, 2006 · 3 comments

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Here’s an very cleverly animated spot (puppets with a CGI plastered face) that tells a bit of an (in my mind) horror story.  Yes, ladies:  Your soap can turn an idyllic fairy tale town into a den of sleaze and loose values!  Choose wisely!

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  • elkciN

    Lux! Preffered by 4 out of 5 whores!

    *Professional whore on a closed road. Lux does not prevent the transmission of Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

  • Jacomo

    Why so hard on the hoes fellas? It’s easy to persecute, but where would we all be if it weren’t for women sullying themselves with us men?

  • elkciN

    Hey, I never said anything derogatory about the hoes. I love all of my hoes, regardless of area code.

    I just want my money, that’s all. Why is it so hard to remember that I want my money by Tuesday? Why do you make me hurt you? You know Pappa Nickle is the only one that cares about you.

    Also, I bought you some soap.

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