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Regardless of your opinion on music trading, you have to accept that in a tradition going back to the Grateful Dead, who ENCOURAGED the taping and free distribution of their live shows, there are many other bands that have followed suit. lets you search and download individual songs or entire shows of jam bands that give their consent for this to be done.

Phish, Medeski Martin & Wood, Grateful Dead, Oysterhead, Widespread Panic, Yonder Mountain String Band, The Gourds, etc. etc.

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  • elkciN

    wooo…I get to mention Radiohead again!


    Just make sure you’re familiar with the .flac audio format, and Direct Connect. Also helps if you are a fan of the music. Definately supported by the band.  I wouldn’t really call them a jam band, but I just can’t help it when an opportunity to pimp them becomes available.

  • .alphamonkey.

    Considering that Radiohead is at least a big a band as U2 was after Actung Baby, I have to say: I don’t think they need your help.

    They’re certainly a great band, but they lost me after OK Computer. (Though The Bends is my favorite album from their catalog)

  • elkciN

    Yeah, I just don’t feel that they get enough mainstream support. Sure, they’re in every “Top 100 albums/artists” list imaginable, but you never hear them on the radio, or see them on the news. I suppose that’s a good thing, really.

    Sorry, I have an unhealthy obsession. Ever since I listened to OK Computer on a nice pair of headphones, I was lost forever. I’m pretty sure I have nearly every live show, b side, import ep, etc available (and there are tons of them). Really, it’s not funny. I still have a few coming from Japan (the Itch ep is awesome if you like The Bends era, being made between Pablo Honey and The Bends, and it has alternate versions of Stop Whispering (slightly different), Thinking About You (completely different..almost punkish), along with a couple B-sides (Faithless the Wonderboy, Banana Co., a live version of ‘Killer Cars’ (one of my favorite songs), and a few live Pablo Honey Tracks (they’ve all been released on other live/aucoustic eps, so nothing special really)

    Of course, being as I’m the only one here crazy about them, this doesn’t matter to anyone else. Still, I feel better for it. I swear I listen to other music as well, really I do.

  • .alphamonkey.

    Well, I think that Radiohead doesn’t get much mainstream support because they actively work towards staying out of the mainstream limelight.  They don’t want to be a mainstream band.  It doesn’t help that it’s (See, I do know the usage) been nearly 4 years since their last album.

  • elkciN

    3 and a half years, thank you very much (not counting The Eraser, which I don’t). The new album drops sometime next year, and from what I’ve heard (both from live shows, and studio snippets) it’s gonna be great.

    It’s hard to say what will be on the next album, Thom seems to be constantly writing songs (Here’s hoping ‘Follow Me Around’ makes it, I love that song) If you’ve seen ‘Meeting People Is Easy’ or ‘The Most Gigantic Lying Mouth of all Time’ (both of which I highly recommend, the first being for Radiohead fans with ADD, and also as a case study into what happens to a schizophrenic during a meteoric rise to celebrity (OK Computer era). The second just for entertainment purposes, as it’s a collection of fan-made music videos and other little snippets, and makes for good party fun, if you catch my drift) you’ll have heard just a few songs in experimental stages that have never seen the light of day. Counting all the B-sides and official releases, it’s scary to think of how many songs he might still have up there, waiting to be perfected (in his mind at least) for studio release. For instance, there are lyrics from Hail to the Thief in the hidden behind the CD holder thing) liner notes of Kid A, etc.

    Thom Yorke just facinates me, I guess. I’d pay for a glimpse into his mind. You nailed it on the head with the mainstream thing, I guess I just wish they were out there more. Funny, usually when kids pick up on an indie band (myself included) they usually don’t want them to ‘sell out’.

    Now I’ve exposed my undying love for Radiohead and paranthetical statements. I regret nothing.

  • .alphamonkey.

    Thom Yorke has nothing on Bob Pollard in the prolific songwriter contest.  Guided By Voices’ leading man turns out songs the way other people blink.

  • elkciN

    Agreed. Give him a few years, hehe. It boggles my minds seeing people like that, I just wish I could see the world the way they see it. Then again, I guess that’s why they write the songs, right?

    Damn talented people, you make the rest of us look like crap.

  • Enslaved By Ducks

    Gee, a whole bunch of bands that no one gives a shit about.

    And both of the most (in)famous Phish and the Dead no longer exist, so you can’t go to a concert and tape them.

    What the fuck is the point of this again?

    And as for Radiohead not having mainstream appeal, here’s a little info for you, the mainstream audience doesn’t give a fuck about songs that are nothing but semi-tuneless droning with nothing even resembling a semi-memorable chorus or hook, which describes to a T 99.999998% of Radioheads output.

    Oh yeah, Radiohead isn’t fit to smell U2’s shit when it comes to comparing who’s the bigger/better band.

    U2 routinely does stadium tours around the world, which means they are playing and selling out outdoor stadiums which seat between 30,-125,000 people.

    Radiohead could never pull off such a tour, fuck the only time they’ve ever played before crouds of over 35,000 was when they’ve played festivals, which doesn’t mean dick as the majority of the audeince at said fetsival came to see some other band.

  • .alphamonkey.

    I’m trying to decide whether your mom smacked you too hard, or not hard enough.

  • kaldrazadrim

    EBD, there are plenty of low-brow blogs out there where tweens hate on each other. maybe you’d like to enlighten us all on what constitutes good music in your holy collection. let me guess. eminem? coldplay?

  • BADD

    You know what you do to a troll?  Ignore them.

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