Operating Systems as Anime

by alphamonkey on November 30, 2006 · 3 comments

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The consistently kickass site TV in Japan hipped me to this intro for an anime about well, the secret lives of operating systems, I guess.  Think of it as an anime version of Tron, but Bill Gates is the MCP.  Oh, and Bruce Boxleitner isn’t it in, which is why it must be inferior to Tron. Still, it’s pretty awesome. 

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  • musicgirl416

    Straight up awesome.

  • Busymm

    Umm if I’m not mistaken almost all of the major charactors from the Tenchi Muyo series was present in this clip. Saddly since I am too poor to run out and buy the missing tapes that aren’t part of my current collection, I can’t place the episode.

  • Tom

    I think it’s from pretty sammy.

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