A Very DVD Christmas

by mr sparkle on December 19, 2006 · 0 comments

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Why do we squander so much money on presents during Christmas?  Why do we throw money away on useless DVDs for our friends and families that they probably won’t even watch?  Can’t we just all do like Bart Simpson suggests in season nine of The Simpsons and remember the true meaning of Christmas – “The birth of Santa Claus”?

Lady in the Water: Is there any activity more popular than dissing on M. Night Shyamalan in Hollywood today?  Methinks not, and I’ve got not a clue why.  Sure, he got cocky; and his last two films haven’t been as explodingly good as we might expect after his modern thriller masterpeices, The Sixth Sense, Signs and to a leser degree, Unbreakable – but the recent backlash against the writer/director/producer/actor is unjustified.  Lady in the Water didn’t blow minds – but it was still a good movie lingering just below being a very good movie. Believe it or not, before the reviews came out to pan it, the advance screening I attended was followed with a massive theater’s appreciative applause.  Just as Shyamalan should, instead of trying to make another film with twists and turns around every corner, he beautifully directed a simple story about the wonder of legends.  It isn’t one of the year’s best movies, but I’m hoping some of you out there might give this movie a chance now that it’s out on DVD instead of just deciding to dish on it this unfairly slammed picture.  You can read my full review by clicking on any of these seven words.

The Simpsons: Season Nine: I’ve always heard people bitch that post-season eight, The Simpsons has sucked a gorilla’s pair hard.  Okay, there’s no denying that the golden era had passed by the 1997-1998 season, but with episodes like ‘The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson,’ ‘Bart Carny,’ ‘Lisa the Skeptic’ and ‘Das Bus’ to name a few (you can get a full episode listing for the season right here,) season nine is far from later seasons in terms of their relative crappiness.  As someone whose second word was ‘Simpson,’ take my word for it.

Two blurbs not enough to satiate you craving for new DVDs out today?  Then clicky on these titles, also out today:

All the King’s Men: You know that Sean Penn movie that was supposed to get enough Oscar Buzz to fill an airplane hanger?  Yeah, it didn’t.  Read Thundarr’s review here

Invincible: Does the fact that I like Marky Mark most when he’s in films where he’s got a massive donger make me gay?  Thundarr has a review of Mark Whalberg’s latest, an inspirational football film, here.

Little Miss Sunshine: I could have written up a paragraph on this film up above, but I don’t think this darling gem needs anymore pimping.  Case-in-point – Thundarr’s glowing review.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend: Is there anymore beautiful of a geektacular fantasy than dating a super-hero Beatrix Kiddo?  If Thundarr’s review is to be trusted, then no.

A Scanner Darkly: Richard Linklater‘s trippy adaptation of the Philip K. Dick novel almost makes up for his remake of Bad News Bears.  Almost.  Thundarr concurs.

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