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Hold on, did you say that it had a Blooper Reel?  I’m sold.

I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking, “Dang!  I’d really love to go out there and buy a new DVD, but I just don’t know what to choose!” Well, worry no more reader, because your buddies at the ‘Buddha are watching your back and have few suggestions.

24: Season Five: Every year the same thought processes in my head: “You know, I’ve been a fairly big 24 fan in the past, but I think I’m over it now.” Then I spend the next five months addicted to Fox every god damn Monday night.  So it shouldn’t be surprising that, even though the show hit its peak in season one, the hour-long action-drama is more popular than ever.  I don’t know, it just seems like after Kiefer Sutherland shouts ”We’re running out of time!“ the first dozen times each season, it loses it’s affect.  Fans of the show can pick up the newest installment of the All-Day KieferFest today, with season five centering on a war started by a president for oil-related reasons.  What clever bastards, those 24 writers are.

Miami Vice: Oh, that’s right – I’m trying to tell you about good movies to buy on DVD.  Well, I guess we better skip this stinker all together then.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest: So after Captain Jack and friends made a literal shit load of green in theaters over the summer, Disney has set sail for a new conquest: making a literal shit load of green in DVD.  Although the general consensus was that the franchise suffered a Sophomore Slump with Dead Man’s Chest, I have to say that I was more of a fan of the sequel than the original (which, to be far, I wasn’t exactly crazy about.) But anyway, if you wish to help Mickey Mouse out by buying a copy of Dead Man’s Chest, you should know that there are two editions available: a bare-bones single disc, and a special two-disc set.  The latter contains a handful of special features that sound decent enough (of which you can finddetails of here,) although both come with an enchanting vignette titled ‘Bloopers of the Caribbean.’ Decisions, decisions.

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