All Hail the (Master) Chief

by alphamonkey on December 8, 2006 · 1 comment

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Microsoft has announced the beta run for the next entry in it’s acclaimed Halo series, but having never played the game I’m more impressed with what non players have done with the technology. For instance, the excellent This Spartan Life is a tech themed talked show that takes place in Halo’s shared world (leaving participants open to attack by other players).  However, I will say this trailer got me a little excited, even though I know game trailers are 1000% cutscene and never the actual gameplay.  This trailer has some sweet CG work, and it makes me all the sadder over the brevity of the spot.

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  • elkciN

    Looks sweet. Is it true they’re CHARGING people to beta test? (link was unavailable). That takes big ones. I have played through the other two games, but I just don’t get into it as much as I’ve seen others. I just don’t see the ‘phenomenal story’ they talk about (maybe they’ve all read some fan-fiction?) For me, it’s just a generic sci-fi shooter with some great AI. I never got the chance to play online, though, I don’t own an XBOX. That’s the true draw, I suppose.

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