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by alphamonkey on December 6, 2006 · 3 comments

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I know it’s not as a shock to anyone here at Transbuddha that alphamonkey and I are huge comic book geeks.  Fans of our weekly RazorFine post “Comic Book Shelf” have come to rely on our little sneak-peek at the world of comics released every Wednesday.  I just couldn’t let the post die, so I dragged it with me here to Transbuddha.

This week’s fun includes Detective Comics, the new re-launched Justice Society of America, Marvel Holiday Special, Midnighter, Stan Lee Meets Silver Surfer, Warren Ellis’ New Universe, and more graphic novels than you could shake a stick at (okay, you probably could shake a stick at all of ‘em, but why bother?).

So true believers, sit back and relax as we take a look at the comics hitting your local newsstands, bookstores, and comic shops this week, ‘Buddha style.  (Those deliciously bad puns were thrown in for free)

Batman Confidential #1 – You know what the world needed?  Another Batman title.  Yeah, that and maybe six more X-Men titles and I’ll be complete.  Anyway… this six-issue mini-series from Andy Diggle, Whilce Portacio, and Richard Friend kicks off as Batman takes on Supes’ arch-nemesis Lex Luthor! [$2.99]

Detective Comics #826 – You’ve already got the first 825 issues, so what’s one more really?  Paul Dini (of Justice League and Batman: The Animated Series) gives us the Joker and his new hostage – the boy wonder himself. Hmm…shades of Jason Todd? [$2.99]

Justice Society of America #1 – The original super-team gets re-launched, again. [$3.99]

Manhunter #26 – Sexy Manhunter Kate Spencer tries to discover if even sexier Wonder Woman killed Maxwell Lord.  Smell the estrogen. [$2.99]

Outsiders #43 – The Outsiders take on Cap’n Marvel’s old villian (and oh, boy did he have a rogues gallery), Dr. Sivana. [$2.99]

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #22 – It’s Goblin vs. Goblin as the Green Goblin tries to take-out the Hobgoblin with ol’ web head stuck in the middle.  I guess you could say it’s Globberin’ Time! [$2.99]

Marvel Holiday Special #1 – What’s Christmas without the Hulk, a big guy made of orange stone, and hot women in spandex? [$3.99]

New Universe #1 – In what’s sure to make the creators of NBC’s Heroes crap their pants, Warren Ellis (yeah, that Warren Ellis) gives us an ordianry planet Earth and an extraordinary event that will bring about the world’s first super-heroes. [$2.99]

Spider-Man Reign #1 – When it reigns it pours (heh).  This dismal look into Spider-Man’s future may just make his everyday life seem dreamy by comparison.  What’s a super-hero to do once he’s lost everything? [$3.99]

Stan Lee Meets Silver Surfer #1 – Stan Lee’s 65th Anniversary with Marvel continues in these special issues as he meets the characters he created over the years.  Here Stan tries to mediate a problem between Galactus and his herald. [$3.99]

Desolation Jones #8 – Jones investigates the murder of a fellow ex-British spy and finds himself lost in the visions of Philip K. Dick.  Trippy. [$2.99]

Firday the 13th #1 – Remember those horror films that we’re cool a couple of decades ago?  Well there’s now a comic.  Um…why? [$2.99]

Midnighter #2 – The Authority’s ass-kicker continues on in his new series as he fights to complete a mission offered him at the point of a gun (or bomb implanted in his chest). [$2.99]

The Other Side #3 (of 5) – The Vietnam mini-series continues. [$2.99]

Star Wars: Rebellion My Brother, My Enemy #5 – Luke Skywalker’s reunion with his boyhood friend reaches it’s shocking conclusion as the Rebels try to stay on step ahead of Darth Vader and the Empire. [$2.99]

The Dark Horse Book of Monsters – Hardcover anthology featuring Hellboy and other heroes and monsters from the Dark Horse Universe. [$15.95]

The Essential Defenders Vol. 2 – When The Avengers show up people cheer, when The Defenders show up you run for cover and kiss your ass goodbye.  This trade paperback collects Defenders issues #15-39 and Giant Sized Defenders #1-5. [$16.99]

King Kong – A trade paperback of the adaption of Peter Jackson’s King Kong.  Don’t attempt to read without first stocking your liquor cabinet. [$12.95]

New X-Men: Childhood’s End Vol 3 – Trade paperback collection of New X-Men issues #28-31 (Four freakin’ issues?) as the decimated crew look for help from the New Avengers. [$10.99]

Sachs and Violens – Not one for the kiddies (and if you don’t get the title, try saying it out-loud slowly).  A model and a war-scarred photographer take on pornography, murder, white slavery, religious fanaticism, not for truth, justice and the American way, but, wait for it, because it makes them randy baby!  The 1993 mini-series is collected here in this trade paperback. [$14.99]

Showcase Presents: Shazam! Vol. 1 – You know I loves me some Captain Marvel.  This trade paperback collects the 70’s series of Shazam! issues #1-35 and the Big Red Cheese, Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel Junior take on Black Adam, Dr. Sivana, Mr. Mind and more. [$16.99]

Will Eisner’s The Spirit Archives Vol. 20 – A collection of Eisner’s famous hero including “Sand, Saref,” “Sammy and Deliah,” and “The Good Old Days” make up this new hardcover entry to the DC Archive Collection. [$49.99]

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  • BADD

    Cool stuff!

    Hey waddaminit!

    Where’s all the kewl Image comics!!

    Just kidding.  (except for Walking Dead, that title rocks face hard.)

  • Thundarr (Alan Rapp)

    There was never much from Image for me, but I’ll admit I always liked Supreme

  • BADD

    Supreme was pretty cool.  Especially for Image.

    Have you checked out Walking Dead?  If you like yerself some zombies, Walking Dead kicks serious ass.

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