Contract of Evil

by darthabyssos on December 6, 2006 · 10 comments

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Here’s an awesome little Star Wars fanfilm about how Darth Maul comes to power.  The speech is a little lame, but its wicked awesome.

.alphamonkey. sez: I wouldn’t consider this the pinnacle of SW fanflicks, but c’mon… Darth Maul was just cool.

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  • darthabyssos

    maul does rock some socks.

  • elkciN

    I hear he had sex with Ewoks.

    Under-age Ewoks.

    Darth Maul is a pervert, and a furry. George Lucas told me so.

  • darthabyssos

    i wasnt even aware maul ever went to endor. thats news to me. pervert or not, he could kill you.

  • elkciN

    Next time you see him, tell him I’ll waiting for him in the parking lot at 4:00. I bet he doesn’t even show up. Sissy.

  • darthabyssos

    dude, it happened a long, long time ago in a galxay far away. hes been dead for a long ass time.

  • elkciN

    I guess he couldn’t kill me then. I win. smile

    (just to make sure we’re clear, I’m just being an asshole for fun, and I think Darth Maul was pretty much the best thing about the new trilogy. Strike that, maybe the only thing that was good. Well, that and Natalie Portman. She could Natalie my portman anyday.)

  • darthabyssos

    i dont care. i do the same thing.

  • .alphamonkey.

    I hold firm that the prequels peaked with the Darth Maul vs. Obi-Wan & Qui-Gon showdown.  Holy crap, that was awesome.  Sadly, every other duel in the series was either cartoonish (Muppet vs. Count Chockula) or simply a cartoon (waaay to much CGI), with over reliance on jump cuts and quick edits.

    Way to suck up your masterpiece, George.

  • darthabyssos

    the mustafar duel was neat. obi wan vs vader. a little dancy… but cool as hell, none the less.

  • elkciN

    Oh, and sorry about the ewok thing, I was just projecting. Return of the Jedi always gets me hot and bothered. I can’t resist small furry creatures. It’s why I’m not allowed to go to Mexico anymore.

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