Hot Fuzz!

by alphamonkey on December 5, 2006 · 6 comments

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I’ve been anxiously awaiting a peek at Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s new comedy Hot Fuzz, as Shaun of the Dead was just a perfect slice of brilliance. 

My wait is over, and frankly I’m more excited than ever. 

Is it just me, or is Pegg doing a flying kick on a grandma’s head in this trailer?

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  • elkciN

    That looks awesome. I need a release date, dammit.

  • Your Good Twin

    Mm..  Well, Shaun of the Dead brought such a great blast of good ole British humor and I love that movie.  This trailer didn’t hit me with any of that good stuff.  I didn’t laugh once.

    BUT I have confidence in the team and am nonetheless looking forward to this.

  • .alphamonkey.

    To be fair, the Super Troopers trailer generated zero interest for me, yet I think it’s one of the greatest comedies ever made.

  • Thundarr (Alan Rapp)

    Oh, bikers.

  • darthabyssos

    most excellent

  • MonkeeDoo

    Is this a good time to mention that I’m still emotionally scarred from the complete awesomeness of “Spaced”?  Hope so. . .

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