Invasion of the RazorFine Crew

by alphamonkey on December 5, 2006 · 3 comments

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If you haven’t noticed yet (and missed alphamonkey’s post yesterday), the RazorFine Crew has invaded Transbuddha.  That’s right boys and girls: we’re here.  If you are a longtime reader of TB you might recognize us, and if you aren’t, give us a look-see.  The RazorFine site is remaing up as an archive, so you can always go back and check out our older reviews.  You’ll no doubt notice us here and there on the ‘Buddha with our quips, posts, and reviews.  If you haven’t ever checked us out, give us a look, and if you’re one of our RF fans come on by, pull up a chair and share a brew.

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  • Lonnie

    Ah, how I miss Captain Carrot…

  • Snowguy

    Should I worry that I recognize Captain Carrot, Pig Iron and the rest? And that I think I still have those comics?

  • Thundarr (Alan Rapp)

    Nah, join the club.  Maybe we can get some special t-shirts made, and come up a cool secret handshake.

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