Lee vs. Norris

by alphamonkey on December 28, 2006 · 3 comments

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Now you didn’t think I’d post a clip of Bruce Lee without giving a little taste of what made him such a joy to watch did you?  Silly people!  How about a double bonus with this showdown between Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris from Return of the Dragon?  Filmed in 1972 (but released in the US after Enter the Dragon), this fight between the Dragon and Walker, Texas Ranger marks the last scene allowed to be filmed in the actual Roman Colosseum.  I bet it’s also the only scene filmed at the Colosseum that featured a kitten. 

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  • san fermin

    looks like a cheesy hollywood set to me, not the Roman Colosseum.

    gotta admire Chuck for attacking with a broken leg… no wonder people on the internets admire him so much.

  • Thewellis

    Its just got to be the chest hair, shoulder hair back hair and belly hair. it seems chuck norris is the missing link between apes and man. with the ol’ roundhouse kick as well.

  • http://www.quietrebellion.com Poet

    It’s like watching two gods do battle.

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