Megatron Must Be Stopped!

by alphamonkey on December 1, 2006 · 3 comments

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OhGizmo! has some pics up of a snappy little motorcycle transformer number that’s in use by the UK for a while now.  The Towbike has an extending tow-rig that can work on narrow roads.  The article doesn’t explain whether these mech bikes require precious Energon to function, but I can dream.

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  • soubriquet

    This is NOT in the u.k.

    Try Shanghai.

    Or Korea (I think Korea’s the most likely venue)

    One of the internet’s weaknesses is the way in which spurious information propagates. Look at the pictures.

    Police car, uniforms, left-hand drive van, blue numberplate….

    And if it was in the U.k. at all it would have been all over the press and t.v. But it has not.

    If you have any evidence for the u.k., let’s see it.

  • .alphamonkey.

    This isn’t really something I’m emotionally invested in, as I just summarized what the originated article stated. 

    You’ll note however, that there’s no indication in either my write-up or OhGizmo’s that the photos are from the UK, just that it’s in use there.

  • soubriquet

    Ha! A brief googling found the inventor…. In Sweden.  And evidence of use in China.

    Also in Dubai, and in Canada… Is’nt google wonderful.

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