Pizza Wars

by alphamonkey on December 7, 2006 · 3 comments

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I don’t know about you, but I’m a total fiend for pizza. I consider the ‘pizza is like sex*’ adage wholly accurate.  Though for the life of me, pizza ads bug me.  I don’t know why most pizza place ads are so universally awful, but there don’t seem to be many winners in the genre.  Somehow Godfather’s Pizza ads have stuck with me through the years (probably due to their menacing undertone), but mostly they remain fairly unremarkable.  However there seems to be an effort to change that, if recent clips are any indication. 

Pizza Hut seems fairly wedded to the celebrity endorsement (Muppets, Jessica Simpson, etc), but they seem to branch out a bit once they leave US soil.  This UK (?) spot entitled ’Birdhouse‘ caught my attention, and it made me wonder why they don’t try for that feel stateside.  It’d certainly capture my interest more consistently than they do now. It’s goofy without being overly weird or particularly forced, which is what a brand should go for (instead of the very now ‘wth’ factor).

Domino’s has decided that its going to attempt to corner the ‘holy hell, what was that?’ genre with a series of increasingly bizarre spots.  I’m sure everyone is familiar with the Fudge’em spots (which feature a disturbing creature that looks like a filth covered Domo-Kun), but this spot, entitled ’Nana‘, seemed a bit more creepy to me.

Papa John’s has seemingly moved away from the founder spots with their Superman Returns tie-in, but who knows if that’ll last.  I’m not crazy about Supes being used to sell pizza, but I’m nutty (ie, obsessive) like that.

‘Buddha pal Stuart over at DHADM has hipped me to this actually semi-clever* spot from the unknown-to-me RoundTable Pizza, which bodes well.  (*Excepting that the concept was done previously by Dr. Pepper a few years back, I believe.)

Of course, not every pizza purveyor commercial can be the bastion of unbridled awesome that is Pizza-La, but I suspect our shores aren’t ready for such brain-melting insanity.

So there we have it:  a fairly comprehensive pulse-taking of the modern marketing of pizza.  Weigh in, dear readers:  What works and why/why not? What’d I forget, and what would you rather forget?  Hmmmm, I could seriously use a pineapple, tomato, black olive, and onion pie right about now.  Oh dear, I’ve made myself hungry and sad.

(*for the six of you who haven’t heard it:  Pizza is like sex because when it’s great its awesome, and when its bad…its still pretty good.)

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  • RadioactiveCrotch

    I long for the Little Ceasar pizza adds, al ot of them bordered on hilarious.

  • kaldrazadrim

    Those were my favorite too, from like ten years ago. Remember the one with Evel Kneivel, Jimmy Walker and Eddie Munster? How can you beat that combination?

    I couldn’t find it, but props to anyone who can post a link. “Are you feeling it Evel?”…”Is that a YES!?”

  • elkciN

    I miss Baby Pan-Pan pizzas, when I stayed home sick from school (which I did alot). Now they just have the $5 pizza market cornered, which is fine in its own right.

    I miss the Noid. That is all I have to contribute.

    “Maybe it was the Noid who should’ve avoided me.”

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