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by alphamonkey on December 13, 2006 · 1 comment

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I’ve gotten some e-mails asking why I’ve been using YouTube and Revver’s embedded players recently, and I thought I’d publicly clear that up forthwith.  In the case of Revver, I’m using it at the behest of the content creators.  While I abhor the crappy design of the player, I’m not going to begrudge the same folk who provide me with so much great content a chance to get paid for it.  With YouTube, it’s usually due to a clip’s length or filesize.  Bandwidth ain’t cheap, my friends.  In cases where I can, I’ll continue to use our own nifty Transbuddha MediaHolder. 

With that said, bring on the random!  Evel Knievel is suing Kayne West and Chris Milk for co-opting his likeness in the excellent ”Touch the Sky“ video, which may well be the first time Knievel’s been anything than a Family Guy throwaway joke in years.  Well done, Evel!

Science nerds are all a’twitter with the thought that Mars may indeed still have water, but I’ll be damned if I

Since knitting is the new coding, it was only a matter of time before someone came up with a binary code scarf.  Frankly, I think that’s awesome.

And yes, I’m still accepting donations of unwanted Nintendo Wiis, just a FYI. 

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  • Boss Robot

    Hey, if Knievel did not promote jumping over sht little boys(and girls?) across America would probably be burning(even more) sht instead! He keeps the pyromaniac in us down by nurturing the attention starved adrenaline junkie that growing children truly are. Say “NO!” to that imaginary leprechaun in on your shoulder.

    Your nerd is showing, but that doesn’t matter because you’ll look even cozier with a matching binary blanket! It’s got blanket written all over it, in binary!

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